2018 Manchester Middle School Invitational

The RMS Boys placed 2nd as a team out of 26 teams! The boys’ highest finisher was Quinton Pincoske (5th) followed by Liam Gleason (15th), William Chorlian (16th), Read Merrill (34th), and Griffin Norwalt (37th).

The RMS Girls placed 4th as a team out of 26 teams! The girls’ highest finisher was Molly Nyhan (8th) followed by Alexis Christie (17th), Grace McHugh (25th), Alina Pincoske (50th), and Caroline Quirk (52nd).


2017 New Hampshire Middle School Championship (October 21st)

Highlights from race day! Boys “A” team took 4th place overall, and our Girls “A” team finished 5th place as a team. In the girls non-scoring races Sarah Jenness (5th overall; 8th Grade), Nydia Lane (6th overall; 7th Grade), and Greta Norton (7th overall; 7th Grade) all finished in the top 10 in their respective races. In the boys non-scoring races Read Merrill (7th overall; 7th Grade) and Liam Gleason (8th overall; 7th Grade) also finished in the top 10 in their respective race. Great day, effort, and season by all!

A full list of results can be here:

2017 Milford Invitational (September 30th)

Highlights from race day! Our boys and girls “A” ran as a pack and both took home 3rd place team trophies. In the boys race Matthew Lavoie finished 9th overall. In the girls race Abigail Goulas (8th) and Molly Nyhan (9th) both finished in the top 10 overall. In the girls “B” race Sarah Jenness (9th) and Hannah Golden (10th) both had great finishes putting them in the top 10.

Full list of results can be found HERE.

2017 Manchester Invitational (September 21st, 2017)

Highlights from race day! On the girls side Abigail Goulas came in 17th overall and received a medal for her accomplishment. On the boys side we had two runners in the top 20 overall; Matthew Lavoie (12th) and Zachary Hooper (17th) which helped push the boys to a 3rd place team finish over 26 other schools.

Team Results: Boys and Girls

Complete Individual Results


2016 New Hampshire State Championship (October 22nd, 2016)

The RMS girls A team took second in the 2016 NH Middle School State Championship. Leading the pack Morgane Orcutt finished in 5th place overall out of over 100 of the states best. She was followed by Avery Fitcher (12th), Hannah Willette (21st), Katherine Kennedy (25th), Alexis Christie (48th), Abby Goulas (50th), and Julie Deacon (68th).

The RMS boys A team took third in the 2016 NH Middle School State Championship. Leading the group Eben Bragg finished fifth and Trey Fortier came in tenth overall. They were followed by Eaton Tarbell (27th), Ryan Doherty (33rd), Sam Nichol (46th), Samuel Hilts (54th), and Evan Cote (60th).

In the non-scoring races RMS had many standout performances. In the boys 8th grade race Aiden Pope took 10th. In the 7th grade boys & girls races Sarah Jenness took 8th, Matthew Lavoie took 6th, and Zach Hooper took 8th. In the girls sixth grade race Sarah Potter took 7th and Caroline Quirk finished 9th. In the sixth grade boys race Joey Tarbell finished 3rd overall followed by Jacob Ryder in 4th, and Read Merrill in 5th.

2016 Tri-County Championship (October 15th, 2016)

The RMS boys and girls cross country running team competed at the Tri-County Championship on Saturday October 15th, 2016.

The girls A team started the day finishing 3rd as a team in the Division I race. Morgane Orcutt finished 2nd overall and Avery Fitcher came in 8th, both of them in the top 10 out of over 80 runners. Also helping anchor the girls team to a 3rd place team finish was Hannah Willette, Katherine Kennedy, Abby Goulas, Alexis Christie, and Julie Deacon.

The boys A team finished 2nd as a team in the Division I race. Eben Bragg finished 5th overall. Assisting in the overall boys team finish were Trey Fortier, Ryan Doherty, Eaton Tarbell, Sam Nichol, Samuel Hilts, and Evan Cote.

Other highlights on the day came from the 6th grade boys and girls B races. In the 6th grade girls race Caroline Quirk finished 7th overall out of over 100 runners. In the 6th grade boys race Joey Tarbell finished 2nd overall followed by Jacob Ryder in 3rd and Read Merrill in 6th out of over 130 runners. The future of RMS XC running is looking bright!

Great job today by all our runners! It has been a great season featured by tremendous effort and sportsmanship from all!

HOME Race @ White Park (October 6th, 2016)

Rundlett Middle School boys and girls finish first over Winnisquam, Hopkington, Kearsarge, Pelham, and Shaker Road in a team race at White Park. Eben Bragg and Morgane Orcutt came in first overall racing on their home course for the last time in their Middle School career. In the girls’ race Ocrutt was followed by star rookie Avery Fitcher with an impressive finish capturing 2nd overall. She was followed by Hannah Willette (5th), Katherine Kennedy (11th), Abby Goulas (14th), Alexis Christie (14th), and Julie Deacon (15th). In the boys’ race Bragg was followed by Trey Fortier (3rd), Ryan Doherty (6th), Eaton Tarbell (7th), Sam Nichol (8th), Evan Cote (10th), and Samuel Hilts (11th). The RMS boys and girls cap off a great regular season heading into the 2016 Tri-County Championship with the strongest boy/girl combo in the State.