HOME Race @ White Park (October 6th, 2016)

Rundlett Middle School boys and girls finish first over Winnisquam, Hopkington, Kearsarge, Pelham, and Shaker Road in a team race at White Park. Eben Bragg and Morgane Orcutt came in first overall racing on their home course for the last time in their Middle School career. In the girls’ race Ocrutt was followed by star rookie Avery Fitcher with an impressive finish capturing 2nd overall. She was followed by Hannah Willette (5th), Katherine Kennedy (11th), Abby Goulas (14th), Alexis Christie (14th), and Julie Deacon (15th). In the boys’ race Bragg was followed by Trey Fortier (3rd), Ryan Doherty (6th), Eaton Tarbell (7th), Sam Nichol (8th), Evan Cote (10th), and Samuel Hilts (11th). The RMS boys and girls cap off a great regular season heading into the 2016 Tri-County Championship with the strongest boy/girl combo in the State.


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